24 Jan 2013

Starting blogging

Me (Mark Chambers)
This blog is about my times going out climbing, kayaking, canoeing, hiking and just getting out in the outdoors. As I live and study in Fort William this being one of the best places in the UK for the wide range of activities that I enjoy.

This year so far started off well with the first UHI Paddle Sport Kayak trip to the river Arkaig. A great day out. Lots of fun had with every on in the group. As all ways I was the only one swimming but still a great day. Even made it to the Nevis Canoe Club pool session where with coaching from Dan M managed to roll. Just need to get it wire for when on the water and all will be good.

Heading down the Arkaig
Fraser show us the line to go for

Then headed out for my third day out winter climbing with Ben on Point 5. As with all winter day started off with a early start to allow for a walking.

Ben super keen
Ben heading up the first pitch

Sadly the day did not go all to plan Ben took a fall and ripped his gear. He was ok and we decided to called it a day a head home. We to The Crofter for food and a good drink.

Ben ok after his fall
Heading home

So that brings us up to date. Yesterday head out with Ewan to try and do Great Chimney on the Ben. It was a great walk in with Jordan, Ed (Paul), Ben, Dodds. Good banter all the way. Getting to CIC hut we geared up, Ben and Dodds headed up to do Comb Gully. Jordan was taken photos for web sit Beta Stream and Ed headed back home for work. Ewan and me seemed to be joining the crowds of people heading up Observatory Gully. 

Following the crowds

After a bit of a slog up the gully on some interesting ground. We headed up the snow slope to the bottom of the chimney. It worked out that we went up the wrong way and had a wee be bit of a faff getting there.

Nice looking snow. Hay
A bit off route
Ewan trying the travers
After the travers what had some fun climbing on we made it to the belay at the base of the Great Chimney. Ewan good psyched for the first pitch and fired up. After some interesting sound and a wee fall (till he got stuck in) he made it to the belay. That mant it was me to climbing. This did not work out and I got bad hot aches and was not feeling well. So again in my winter climbing we decided to retreat off or in the words of Ewan "bug out".

Us Bugging out

Getting back to the CIC hut we meet back up with Ben and Dodds. They said that they had not done Comb as it did not look safe to get to and played about on the CIC icefalls instead. So in all a good day had by all.

Walking in to the sun set

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