6 Aug 2016

Summer Fun

Will its been some time that I have blogged.

Whats been going on.... Lats!!

Climbing trips to the North Wast of Scotland to Torridon. Playing in Skye on the Cullin's. Passing my 4 Star White Water and even a sort trip to the Alps. Its all been great. Even the work has been fun too. With Walking groups up Ben Nevis and down in Loch Lomond. With Kids active weeks about Inverness and Skye.

Best Way I can show all of this off is with some photos.

So whats on the cards for the rest of the summer. A big 3 week trip to Norway with to friends to climb in Lofoten. Hope we have good weather and some Madness for it. Will try and keep the blog on the go out there. 

27 Mar 2016

Rock and Boat

Had a good start to the week with heading out the Karen to Creag Dubh. There was where hoping to climb L.M.F but with the roof dripping with water on it and Ersa. We change to Strapadicktaemi an real fun flowing E1. Karen got the first pitch witch would turn out the to be better of the 2. That had great climbing along that hand rail, and nice steep moves to get to the belay ledge. Here was found that the weather was not going to play ball and had the start of some little rain. The upper pitch was a wee bit dirty but good holes and fun mores. Thankfully the rain held off and we go back to the van with nothing more came down.
Creag Dubh
At the end of last week was out on my 4 Star Canoe Leader Training at West Highland College. Day one was looking at moving water there with Scotland being it normal self there was not much about. We want the Bridge of Oich where was play about with fiery gliding and braking in and out and some tandem fun that involved me and Chris having a wee swim.

Trying to Surf the wave Photo: Claire Knifton
For the second day was looking a sailing, rafting and poling. This time we were in luck to have a good level of wind all day. Head up to Loch Arkaig witch was great for this as it had place to do. Now just need to work on the skill and build up the logbook and another NGB will be done.

20 Mar 2016

Spring has come!!!

What a start of the week. Spring has start with a bang with sunshine and blue skies. With the good weather was planing of going climbing on the Ben but with the high temp this was going to be hard work. So change of plans and headed to Reiff with Matt, Karen and Lou. There we found amzing rock and sun to kill for!!! First night we got there we are so psyched to get climbing that we got on the worry wall to start with but sorted that out. We got done 3 routes done on the Pinnacle with the most amazing sunset behind up.

Karen going up Westering Home

The bulge of Hy Brasil 

Lou enjoying the sunshine

The next day be walk up to the north end Rubha Ploytach. Would say that wellies are the best footwear for the bog that you have to go over. There was found that tide was a bit high to get done things but go a some short routes that where a nice warm up. After here there we had down to Seal Song Area. Where are meat the crowds. I was that and there was only 3 other teams there. That was good chat and fun seeing people enjoying them self.

Craig on The Executioner

Where are we going?

All go again 

Matt on Diamond Black 

Good ned to the day
That night are got up up by Tim how lives in Rieff and is in the know for the good weather and place for the North West. Sadly Matt had to leave as he had work that left Lue, Karen and Myself for one more day. This time we fancy something a bit longer so head down the road to Stac Pollaidh. There was got on the classic Jack the Ripper. Where was all got a pitch. Witch each one was great fun and cool move. The top being the best and I lucky got it. After a sort walk off it was a change into short for the second route November Groove. Another fine route a bit dirty in the middle but still great fun to the had.

Looking down the top pitch of Jack the Ripper

The summit pic 
After that it was back to work again. But with the sunny weather making the trails dry for biking.. Head to Badaguish and Lairig Ghru. Both really fun and after being in the Lairig Ghru in the snow now its dry its really enjoyable!!

A wee bit muddy

A good week
Now onto this week with a 4 Star Canoe training and good weather sure more fun with be had.

10 Mar 2016

Red Gully Split Shift Mission

So with working at Glenmore in the kitchen you have 7ish hour off in the middle of the day. Witch means if you fast you can get a route in Stob Coire an t-Sneachda. When it being amazing sunshine today it would have been mad not to make the most of it. 

Head in with Jack thinking of doing Fingers Ridge. But miss read the start and ended up the Red Gully. This did not work out as a bad place to send up as the ridge was white and would have been lots of digging. There was lots of people about climbing and skiing in the coire making the most of the great weather before the warming up over the weekend. 

T-Shirt for the walk in
Jack on the first pitch
Soler on Goat Track Gully
Jack coming up to the second 
What a nice sunset

9 Mar 2016

Catch up

Well its been some time since I have blogged about things. What has happened then?

The end of last year as a bit mad with a mix of work and holiday and seeing friend.  Fun time climbing on the Ben Nevis with Adam and Suzana.

Them off to Norway for wee holiday for 10 days for walking, climbing and a bit of a chill out time. I would say I have fallen in love with the place a want to get back to explore it some more.

After this I got a job in Hong Kong for the Autumn working for Asia Pacific Adventure. Hong Kong is cool place with a full mix of west and east. There is far amount of climbing within a small place and great mix of single and multi pitch climbing.

After working the session there head up to China to a place called Yangshuo. Where is this some of the best sport climbing I have ever done. There is so much rock there that is mad. Another place that I will been to get back too!

Then it was back to the UK for the winter at Glenmore Lodge to work in the kitchen that gave great time off to get out and play. The session start off will getting back into using ice axe again after sport climbing but feet strong from it. 

Sadly this feeling of being strong would be a down fall to me. In one week I did the one thing that you should not do in winter and that Fall OFF. Both of the routes I could say are sandbags but real if they where. I should have thought of what grade I was and how I was feeling. That was not good. I did not realize how easily I could chat yourself into that it will be find and get on it. Now I have bad a good long brake for climbing I have lost this mine set and much more can i or can i not. There need to be more black and white for me in winter now. Its not summer and if it goes wrong it goes really worry. I was luck this time I could walk away and lough with meets about. 

Within that break form climbing I got into winter walking as it still keep me out on the hill and late me rest shoulder.

As well as the walking there was some kayaking too shadowing for my 4 Star White Water Kayak assessment in May on days that seem to have no water but lost of sunshine on the hills

Well thats me pretty much up to date will try and keep on top of blogging a we bit more now.