10 Mar 2016

Red Gully Split Shift Mission

So with working at Glenmore in the kitchen you have 7ish hour off in the middle of the day. Witch means if you fast you can get a route in Stob Coire an t-Sneachda. When it being amazing sunshine today it would have been mad not to make the most of it. 

Head in with Jack thinking of doing Fingers Ridge. But miss read the start and ended up the Red Gully. This did not work out as a bad place to send up as the ridge was white and would have been lots of digging. There was lots of people about climbing and skiing in the coire making the most of the great weather before the warming up over the weekend. 

T-Shirt for the walk in
Jack on the first pitch
Soler on Goat Track Gully
Jack coming up to the second 
What a nice sunset

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