20 Mar 2016

Spring has come!!!

What a start of the week. Spring has start with a bang with sunshine and blue skies. With the good weather was planing of going climbing on the Ben but with the high temp this was going to be hard work. So change of plans and headed to Reiff with Matt, Karen and Lou. There we found amzing rock and sun to kill for!!! First night we got there we are so psyched to get climbing that we got on the worry wall to start with but sorted that out. We got done 3 routes done on the Pinnacle with the most amazing sunset behind up.

Karen going up Westering Home

The bulge of Hy Brasil 

Lou enjoying the sunshine

The next day be walk up to the north end Rubha Ploytach. Would say that wellies are the best footwear for the bog that you have to go over. There was found that tide was a bit high to get done things but go a some short routes that where a nice warm up. After here there we had down to Seal Song Area. Where are meat the crowds. I was that and there was only 3 other teams there. That was good chat and fun seeing people enjoying them self.

Craig on The Executioner

Where are we going?

All go again 

Matt on Diamond Black 

Good ned to the day
That night are got up up by Tim how lives in Rieff and is in the know for the good weather and place for the North West. Sadly Matt had to leave as he had work that left Lue, Karen and Myself for one more day. This time we fancy something a bit longer so head down the road to Stac Pollaidh. There was got on the classic Jack the Ripper. Where was all got a pitch. Witch each one was great fun and cool move. The top being the best and I lucky got it. After a sort walk off it was a change into short for the second route November Groove. Another fine route a bit dirty in the middle but still great fun to the had.

Looking down the top pitch of Jack the Ripper

The summit pic 
After that it was back to work again. But with the sunny weather making the trails dry for biking.. Head to Badaguish and Lairig Ghru. Both really fun and after being in the Lairig Ghru in the snow now its dry its really enjoyable!!

A wee bit muddy

A good week
Now onto this week with a 4 Star Canoe training and good weather sure more fun with be had.

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