6 Aug 2016

Summer Fun

Will its been some time that I have blogged.

Whats been going on.... Lats!!

Climbing trips to the North Wast of Scotland to Torridon. Playing in Skye on the Cullin's. Passing my 4 Star White Water and even a sort trip to the Alps. Its all been great. Even the work has been fun too. With Walking groups up Ben Nevis and down in Loch Lomond. With Kids active weeks about Inverness and Skye.

Best Way I can show all of this off is with some photos.

So whats on the cards for the rest of the summer. A big 3 week trip to Norway with to friends to climb in Lofoten. Hope we have good weather and some Madness for it. Will try and keep the blog on the go out there. 

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