27 Feb 2013

Two Twins

A great day out on Aonach Mor. Thow it was ormost sand bag. Last night at the Clachaig Winter Safety Lecture Mark asked if I fancy getting out on Green Gully. After being talked into we had a plan. I was to borrow most my gear from people at the talk and we where to meet at 7.30. We where on. Then in the morning things started to go a bit wrong. Someone else for head the Ben key and the ice screws we need. Time to change. After making some calls, got some screws from Ewan. We where back on and off to Aonach Mor. Gondola up and small walk to the top of Easy Gully to get the add into the crag.

How need to walk in.
Getting to the crag it was a bisy with fue teams on all the Twins but for Right Twin. Heading up it was looking ok.  When getting on the lead fond it to be wet as.... Got to the top belay ok and Mark made fast work of the last pitch.

Still had time we had back down Easy Gully and onto Forgotten Twin. This was not as wet as Right Twin as the sun had not be on it for much of the day. We head up looking to get the a balay and ended up soloing the route together. Most of the way having steps up.

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