22 Jun 2013

Summer Solstice Adventure

So its just been the summer solstice last night and an adventure had to be had. With it being light for so long. Started of the fun with an afternoon ride about Nevis Range with Rach. She showed me down some new bits of trail that she been show by Mack Clark. Great little bits hidden trail. Need to get back and have a play on again. Pretty stoked for Rach riding her first black feature and looking smooth bring on the jumps next.

The long ride up

Rach ride her first black feature

Hidden trails
After a great ride on to meet up with Ewan, Matt and Fiona. Too head up Tower Ridge for a late evening assent. We had the bikes with us to make the way back down a lot faster. Thow this did mean ridding/pushing up the distally track. So getting a bit a sweat of made sort work of it.

Given and just pushing now.

Just the walk to the Ridge 
After the walk in time to get on the route. We where making go time along the ridge and was looking like we might to missing out to the rain forecasted. But that was sort life with the rain started as we got to Little Tower and had drizzling for more of the rast of the night.

Starting the climb
Fiona going light and fast
Ewam leading the way

Ewan going over the gap
Fiona doing the gap

What they think of the weather
Rach going over the gap
Matt just about making it over
At made it to the top
Getting to the top had a great view of the low cloud. The time for the long walk back of the tourist path then on to the path rond the halfway lochan. On the way down we could see a snake of lights making its way up the path for the Youth Hostel to find a mass sponsored walk was heading. After a wet walk back to the bike. More so for Fiona as she was in approach shoes. Had the fun of biking back down the track. A great summer solstice adventure now what to do for the next one

Sponsored walker heading up the Ben
Ewan happy to be alive
Almost lost Fiona on the way down

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