12 Jul 2013

Morzine Biking

Been out in Morzine the lost week biking with my friend Andy. Staying at the Riders Retreat in the center of Morzine. On the first night meet Fione by random, who I know form the UK Gravity EnduroOn the first day out there we where doing to Passport du Soleil. Which was going to be a nice 70km for a warn up for the start of the trip. It was a great was to work out the way around all the different lift and how to get over to Switzerland. On the way got to meet Mandil how was over from Napal and ran mountain biking holidays out there for Himalayan Rides

Looking like a good day
A happy andy on the first lift
Great views off the lifts
Over the top
Time to stop for the view
Something not sound right
Bike still working
So we made it through the first day without any mangersly going wrong. Just the odd noise coming  from bits. Head out with Steve, Adi, Adele and Mandil how oral staying in Riders Retreat with us too. We head over to Morgins in Switzerland. Getting over there was great adventure having to ride through snow and some great views off the tops. Getting to Morgins had a head down the blue and like more of ride on a Hardteil was a bit of work but great fun had. Sadly Andy managed to brake his forks on his last run before heading back. Which meant he was riding with a pogo stick. That afternoon spent finding someone to fix them.

A bit on snow
Adi enjoying the snow
Great views
Fixing flat 3 of the trip © Adele Woodbridge
In the end we got up early the next day and drop them off with someone to work some magic. So with Andy without a bike I did the best this and I head out to Les Gets by myself. To get a play before everyone else come over in the afternoon. Some how the forks where fixed with a bike puncture repair kit ( so for of magic I think) and where working ok.

Mandil leading the way
Into the woods we go

 After three days of sunshine the weather was on the change. But out we went anyway heading over to Châtel Bike Park hoping it would hold off for the day. Getting to there it was a bit wet but ok. We had a bit of a mud fast to get down to the bike park. When there I had a big crash for the trip. Which end up upside down in a hole fun time. After some more runs the the rain ended come so we called it a day and head back. For the joys of a hot tubs.

Muddy times
Crash time
Into the cloud
Sadly it did not stop raining till the morning so a muddy riding day it was going to be like. So to save going far we head up Super Morzine lift into the mud fast that it was. Even with all the mud it was a great day sliding and falling everywhere. I doing thing there was one bit of me that did not have mud on by the end of the day.

Mud slid

Andy show how its done
The deeps pond
Trying to ride the pond
Looking Clean

The trip had to come to an end but at less the sun had come out for it. We planned to head over to Champéry on the way there one of the life where not running so we changed plans to head back Les Gets to meet up with everyone else for a fun ride there. Heading had a blast on the runs that we enjoy for week. Getting to Les Gets meet up with everyone and had a great time blasting down the main run there.

Andy favorite moment 
Having a play on a 5
© Adele Woodbridge 
Happy team © Adele Woodbridge
So in the end had a great week of biking with so cool people. Now back to the smaller hills of Scotland for biking for a bit.  Thow I think I might have to move into the big boy world of a full sus but we will work on that.

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