10 Jan 2014

Blog up date

So been a bit lax with blogging for a fair bit of time now, going to try get back into it again. As a short summary of what has been going. Summer was mad working lots and trying to fit a bit of play time in between before heading back to University. Made it out to Etive Slabs with Dave and Fiona. Great day climbing the Hammer. Had a bit of a long walk off in the dark but still a great time for sure.

Crux Move on the Hammer

Then had my friend Andy up for a week of biking. Head out to Laggan, Glen Nevis, The Devil Staircase and enter Tour De Ben Nevis. It was a great week with some wild weather and amazing trails. 

Devil's Staircase 
Heading up towards the Buchaille
Then it was time to start getting on with Uni again. This year has been a bit mad with assignments as it is the second year. Though still getting out paddling. We have been working toward our 3* canoe and all of the group passed the assessment.

Rich practising his poling
Andy surfing a wave
Got out on the hill to getting some more ML days logged and need to get on and book a training course come the summer. Had one great day out on Ben Starav. A nice blue bird day.

Looking down Ben Starav
Looking up the main ridge on Starav
And now that winter has come after a the long storms that we have had up in the north it is time to head out and play in the snow and ice. Had two great days so far, the first going up Stob Ban with folk from Limerick and the second heading over east to climb The Grooved Rib with Ewan. Two great days with lots of banter and good fun.

Heading up Stob Ban
Pitch 1 of the Grooved Rib 
1st Chimney of the Grooved Rib 
Now just need to keep on top of blogging and uni work. Then get out as much as I can and it will be a great 2014.

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