6 Oct 2014

First blue bird day this session for me!!!

First off what a great day!!! The first day out climbing this session that its been a blue bird day. Head out with Kate, Brodie and Ewan to Aonach Mor to do Golden Oldie. Getting to Nevis Range for the climbing gondola meet Alan Halewood with a client and Lou. Meant that trail breaking was going to be easily spread (thanx Alan). So walking in this time we could see that was what. And soon realis that what I thought we climbed as Golden Olden last time was not. The joy of finding routes in the clouds. This time we had Alan to point out that fechers to be looking for. So next time should be better. Walking was great banter. Make easy with tranc that we seemed to make for us all to walk in. Getting to the route Ewan and I decided to solo the route and if need be get the rope out. Ewan had it a bit harder with ski on his back and gave me something to laugh at. The climbing was great was not sad that I messed up the not climbing it last time. Did wish I had skis for the way off but waking off in the sunshine was amazing.



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