19 Mar 2014

Messy day on the Etive

Head out with a big group of us looking to get onto the Etive last Sunday. Getting there it was looking a bit high for Zeemon and Fiona. So they gave it a pass. That left Dave, Graeme, Kevin and me. It was looking like it was going to be a fun if full on run down for me. The top of Triple Fall was a big mess and not looking good in my small boat. So gave it a miss. The lads ran it and all make it look smooth. Getting into the pool of the last drop ran it clean and feet good. So headed back for a second go. This did not go as well. Did not make the line across the top of the drop and came done in the centre. This lead to be going for a swim and having to be rescue. It was a seen of thing to come.
Not wanting to leave the warm
Triple Fall
Graeme of safety
Next big thing to happen was Letterbox. Pretty much know that I was going to walk it at the level it was at. Did safety again for Dave and Kevin. They got thought clean and Dave in his new big boat just powered over the stopper.  Graeme was not as lucky and got a bit of a spanking. This lead to us becoming three and me getting a blood nose for a boat to the face. The banter was going well by now.
Kevin showing off the skills
Now I had Graeme's Dagger Nomad to play in. The rest of the river seem to go well. We walk Crack of Doom as it was looking meaty. Had to do some roll as I was doing some stupid thing. Then it seed to be at Right Angle and it was looking BIG. Dave head down first and seed to get lost in the run in in a stopper but got down ok. If a little side ways. Kevin head down and was good and had a roll at the bottom. Then it was me up. I try a thine line streat down the fall. It did not go so smoothy at the others. It ended up with me accidental free wheel off right angle and deck popping. So another swim it was. Thou this time a self rescue. So not at bad. Still a great day had even if it was a bit messy run at time.
Dave at the bottom of Right Angle
 Not a good idea to go of Right Angle sideways and on your knuckles

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