19 Feb 2013

Another blue sky day

What great weather we are having in Fort William at the minute. The third blue sky day in a row. Sadly again had uni on today. But still managed to have a busy day. First at the pool to try and get my roll sorted. Worked on my off side witch is coming along well able to roll well off it now. Thow trying my right hand side was not working well today. Still needing work even if I thought I had got it down (Its all about your head coming up last). After that James was keen to get back to Heather Hat. So headed up there with him and Rory as we where off still 1.30pm. 

A busy Heather Hat
A new problem to work 
Heading out
Getting there we had the boulder just to us but as the sun came down into the Glen. More climbers came along, Ewan and 2 Germans how he meet the day before. James was getting all the move on the problem that he was working. Just needing to get it all linked up now. Rory was getting there too. Tried Under the Hat again and it was not feeling to bad on the first moves as yesterday. And the big move to the jug feels like it will go after one of the Germans pointed out a higher foot hold to use. There was great banter with everyone. But still projects to work and get sent. As it was getting warm we had to head back to uni for are afternoon lecture. So missing out a bit of the nice weather. After a hour and half being in side time to head over to Outward Bound for a bit of canoeing with Stewart, Kieran and Rory.

Enjoying the afternoon sun
A great looking Ben Nevis
Stewart and Rory enjoy the great weather
Chilling out
A great afternoon just being chilled out and enjoying the great weather. With an amazing sunset on Ben Nevis. There maybe some wild weather days in the Fort. Thow the day good when they come they are great days that make it all worth it in the end.

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