18 Feb 2013

Sunny Afternoon

Sadly did not get out in the good weather all day today as had uhi in the morning. But made it out to Heather Hat with James and Rich in the afternoon. Had been beaten there by Dan. Who could not stay indoor either with the sun out. It was the first time that James and Rich had been to Heather Hat. Dan show them the problem on the right hand side of the roof to have a go on.

A sunny Glen
Working out the moves
Getting it now

Getting the mores now
Dan was working the Pagan Uilleann and managed to get vary close to getting it sent. Next visit it should go for his. Was working a link up from that start of Midnight in a Perfect World into the end of Under the Hat.

Getting the kneebar locked in
Into the pin scar
I did not get much do myself work a bit more of Pagan Uilleann. So the kneebar is sticking wall now just need to move off it and link it all up. Try a problem Dan show me sometime ago that comes up the left side of the roof to the jug. Them mores though the roof and out the front to top out. Not to sure on what the name is.

Moving off the jug
Pulling hard
Made the moves out but not much more then that. Need to work it a bit more. After that thought it would be a laugh to try Under the Hat. Worked out some bits and linked from the sit to the sloper rail. Thow the big move from there to the jug was just like going for the moon. Maybe one day but soon I feel.

Making it to the Sloper
Going for the jug
Just not getting it.
In the end Janes and Rich got all the moves worked out and looking like they where enjoying bouldering. Then Dan show how Midnight in a Perfect World is done to finish off him.

Chilling in the sun
Moving round the roof 

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