1 Feb 2013

BeCyCle's Alleycat

 Head over to Aberdeen yesterday for the BeCyCle's Alleycat. Where I met up with Alasdair. Who I had race with for my first alleycat and some how mangered to win.

Alasdair showing is game face

Where was some pre race prep on the bike.  Fixing Jone's change with random link form the BeCyCle part bins.

Per race perp
A happy Jone with a working bike.

So getting on with race Alasdair and me where the started off first. The mad rid about town started off to Saint Machar's Cathedralmore for the first checkpoint a easyish one to start. Then on to the Grandholm mill which in the end we did not find and just head on. Trying to save time. Next place was by a random back cycle route to the Hutcheon Low Drive. Then the killer hill climb to the Sutton garden at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. 

Finding the Sutton checkpoint
Riding hard
Follow this the hard to find Johnston Gardens. Some of the clues where hard to work out for my simple mind. Duthie Pack soon followed and that ment just one more point to head to Union Terrace. Where the clues was a tricky one to get. Next stop the Blue Lamp for a much need drink.

Finished at lasted
Teams enjoying the Blue Lamp

After all them mid rid and all the team made it back safely the results where worded out.

1st place: Fried Rice and Alexis Quinn
2nd place: Andrew Burnett and Mat Stewenson
3rd place: Alasdair Johnston and Mark Chambers

Michael Fletcher filmed journey about the race have a look on Aberdeen Alleycat Jan-2013

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