3 Feb 2013

Paddling the Etive

Headed down to the River Etive with Dan, Dave, Quintin and myself. Getting there it looked like it was the place to be with a couple on group on the river. After kitting up had a look at it and it was looking big. Dan and Dave ran the trippel drop. Dan was going for it in his small playboat. Going for some man points I think.

Looking at the line
Over one, two to go
Last one now
Myself and Quintin walked the trippel. Then got in at the pool below the last drop. Headed down to the Letter Box. On the way down I had a wee swim as all trip. Need to get the roll sorted. Getting there Dan decided that he was not feeling in it and headed off. The water level bit high for his small boat. Dave and Quintin went a head and ran the letter box and with me doing the safety.

Dave on Letter Box
Quintin on Letter Box
After that we decided just to work the last drop of the trippel to the top of the letter box. So went of the drop 4 times and managed to land/roll 2 with 2 swims. Not to bad. One of the swim was off the top of the drop. There was a long time in a green room shall we say. A bit scary but got flushed out in the end. Dave gave some great pointer on how to do it and just in general (Thanx might be a as good as you on day).

Quintin off the drop

Me off the drop
Dave showing how its done
After running the section for a bit Dave and Quintin did the letter box again.  Quintin had a bit of fun run letter box and the next drop after. Just need to get out more in the boat not to lose the skills.

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