2 Sep 2013

Run about Ring of Steel

Last Thursday head out with Connor for a RUN. Something that I do not do much of or in fact at all. The plan way bike you to Steel Fall car pick and head out form there.

Ride into Steel Falls car park
Nice warm up run to Steel Falls
First off nice warm up ride on the bikes then a run up to Steel Falls. Connor setting the pace for the day. Getting over the river at the Fall saw some funny foot work form him. This lead to the first big climb up and into the cloud. 
Connor trying to keep his feet dry 
Connor failing to keep his feet dry

Steel Falls looking nice

The start of the up hill

Happy to be on the first top
Being in the cloud would be us for the rest of the day. Thow we were pretty warm form run so was not to bad to be cold off by it. It was non stop day other then a bit off food and water here and there we where pretty much on the go all the time. Head a bit of fun working out where about we where going in the cloud.

Onward into the cloud
More up hill

Made it to another top
And even more up hill 
Heading off into the cloud

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