14 Feb 2014

Out on a classic, Golden Oldy

Headed out with Rory. At first the avalanche and weather forecast were not looking good to head out. Westerly aspects looked ok though so we decided to head out to the West Face of Aonach Mor to do the classic Golden Oldy. This meant getting the 8am climbing gondola so a early morning bike ride out was needed. Then a shortish walk down to the bottom of the route on ok snow with a complete lack of wind. Walking up the corrie led onto the ridge which was well banked out, meant it was a easier day than we through it was going to be. The snow got more consolidated as we climbed higher and even some very nice icy patches in places. Visibility dropped as we gained height to near zero when topping out. Had a wee scare when we walked in a circle and almost set off in the wrong direction before checking our bearings. Another short walk led to the top of Nevis Range and down to the cafe for a coffee. Lots of people were out enjoying the snow skiing and boarding but the Nevis lads had their work cut out for them digging the lifts out!

Looking into the corrie 
Looking like it could be ok
On the ridge 
Bit big to get through
At the summit hut coming out the cloud
On the way off for a coffee
Busy day at Nevis Range

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