4 Mar 2014

Mad times

Bit of a mad time to get on the blog. 2 weeks a go was a Fort William Mountain Festival Film. Where I was helping out on some nights and even go to see some of the chats and films. A great 5 day it can only get better. 

Mountain Rescue Fund Raiser
Jam from Mark Chambers on Vimeo.

Had a day out climbing with Conor on the The Curtain and it was not the best. Soft ice in bit and getting better towards the top. Lots of people out climbing with use and at one point 12 people on the top belay. 

Looking good from here
Long run out
Conor on the second
Heading off the to top
The masses
Then last week had 5 day of uni with lecturer and starting me Level 2 UKCC Coaching Qualification. Then 2 days of Winter Work Shops doing Avalanche Awareness with Alan. Had a mix of a indoor day on the theory, outdoor day of digging and probing.

Enjoying a slow walk in

Alan showing how to dig
Feeling it after binging like mad man to find people 
Look what we fond
With all that on there was even had time for a night put on by the UHI Cycling Club at Alpine bikes on how to fix and look after your bike.

Andy learning something know
Jessie show off is skills 
Somethings not right??

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