4 Mar 2014

Change in Plans

Head out yesterday with Will to climbing Observatory Ridge (Plan A). Walking up to the CIC Hut there was a lot of new snow about. So not fancying a swim change to Gutless (Plan B). Got up the first pitch with so ok ice in bit and with some crap in others. Trying to get onto the second pitch was looking like it could be ok but some fond to be crap. That meant an abseil off and onto Plan C South-West Ridge with Tower Ridge. There was lots of teams on South-West Ridge so lot of chatting about what people have been getting done. Then onto Tower Ridge that have a nice path up it. There was some lager cornices where people and us had walked over. Had a great day even go the sun out for bits of the day.

First pitch of Gutless 
Lot of steps over some cornices 
The sun come out 
Looking down at the CIC Hut
Will heading off

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