19 Dec 2014

Wild Day

So again head over east to get out climbing in Cairngorms with Ewan and Will. As alway the planed change from climbing to walking/climbing. As the wind was blowin' a hooley!!!. We decided to head up Fiacaill Ridge and them see how it was on the tops. On the way in we could see that the rain had done the day before making some crags looking a bit black. On the ridge was fun with the gusts of wind making the walking interesting. The climbing was great we picked are own was up bit. Getting to the top was wind but not was much as we thought it might have been. We chose to head down back Choire Chais as it would keep the wind and snow to are backs. Good if a bit wild day had. Nice to be getting back into things.

How are thing looking?

Heading up the Ridge

Looking back

Getting to the climbing and the wind

Will going his way on the climbing
Will enjoy it

Ewan enjoying too

On the way back down Chorie Chais

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