3 Jan 2015

First winter route of 2015

Head up the a busy Ben Nevis today. Lots of teams out on routes. The weather being better then what the weatherman had say it would be. Me and Brodie head up to Glover's Chimney with one there team joining us too. Witch last time I had climb it end with a bit of a epic but this time it did not. Head great fun climbing the route ice. Witch was great on the first pitch and the chimney was fun. head out Tower Ridge and down the red burn to a amazing sunset.

Where will we go?

Long way yet

Nice View

Teams on Tower Face of the Comb, Comb Gully, Comb Gully Buttress, Tower Ridge
Longs of teams heading up Ledge Route.

Getting to the first belay 
Heading up the snow slop

Meant to be something called a belay?!?!

One more picth

Nice rest

Up the Tower

Great sunset

Great end to the day

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