8 Jan 2015

A wee walk up the CIC track

So today meant the start of sorting out things for the start of uni in 2 weeks. This meant not having a full day to play but till wanted to have a bit of a outing for the lags. So went for a bike/walk you the CIC track to see how things where looking after the heavy rain form the other day. It was not looking as black as I thought it might have been. Meat a team how had done 1934 Route and they said it was snower then it looked on it. It looks like it going to be getting colder and wind over the week so see what next week will bring. Now just need to find time to get on it before uni goes mad again.

Looking at the Ben and CMD 
Sunny down there 

Avalanche in No 5 Gully 
Coire na Ciste

Point 5

Minus face

Winter skills group

Tower Scoop just in the clouds

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