2 Feb 2015

2 in 1 with a wee bit more

Head out with Ewan today. We had nothing really planned to do just opened mind on what was in. We stared off with the first pitch of Waterfall Gully as there was a team heading up to The Curtain. Witch was great but a bit sort lived.

Start of Waterfall Gully

Next headed back to The Curtain get on it and for Ewan to do a wee bit of leading (doing a very good Elvis). There was a other team on it so a chilled out bit of lunch be for getting on. The ice was all good but for some bad bits at the top. By now a another team had gone up Waterfall Gully and broke trail thought the snow on the upper pitchs. So back we when for the hole thing. Very snowy upper part but great feeling in the Gully.

Two Teams on The Curtain
Ewan on the lead
Looking about
There was a far number of people out for Monday. Teams on Shield Direct, Gemini, Tower Ridge and Vanishing Gully too name some. If things hold out like this then a lot to get out.

Last bit
Great end the day
CMD looking good in sunset
Skier enjoying the snow
Happy Ewan

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