1 Feb 2015

Two Great Days

So have day to great days playing about. First day was out with my brother (John) for his first test of winter walking/climbing and Andy. We head to the West Face Aonach Mor to do Gendarme. But as I have fond before on the west face not on the right route. We where on a rib to the left witch still give great climbing of I/II. And the prefect thing for John's first day. There was a far bit of power about and made for a bit of a swim at times. Looked great for all the skier and borders out.

Looking like a bit of a swim

We are men with axes!!

Starting up the rib

John Loving the swinging his axe

The second day was out with a big crew of people from UHI Paddle Sports Club to head down the Arkaig. It was great to head so many people out good banter, swims, getting wet and a wee bit cold. This is a start of a week/2 week trip the club is looking to start running.

Kayak surfing

Classy Girls

Big crew

Playing on the wave!!!

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