18 Mar 2015

Rivers, Holes and Climbing

Have had a bit of a busy week. Been getting out a far bit had a day on the Etive with Dave, Andy and Rory. It was the first time that Andy and Rory had been on the river and they had a great level for it of mid/high. It was a fun time with lots of laughs with one or two swims.

Then was meant to be Snow holing and the weather was not playing ball and ended up having a mix on indoor talks with a day digging the snow in amazing sunshine. Good to learn new skill for the hills in winter.

Sunnys for the walk in!!

The Croy one man digger

Mmm should be climbing!!
And this week have had two great days out climbing on the Ben. First on Observatory Ridge with Nathan and Brodie in the clouds but a fun route. Will be back to try it in the summer. 

Views from the day

Brodie seconded
Then yesterday on Italian Right-Hand and Central Gully Right-Hand with just Brodie. Bit of a change from the start of the year where I did all the leading and now Brodie bid all the leading of the ice. His come along way in the season!! As all his wanted to do at the start was climbing III but now sails up IV/V. Both the routes where great with worth the 3 stars that they get.

Italian Right-Hand
Better views today
Central Gully Right-Hand
Making it look easy 
Happy face!! 
The Ben Looking great!!
 Things look like there not going anywhere for sometime. Now just need to work out this ice climbing game…..

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