26 May 2015

Busy times

So have been up to a lot seen the last post March. What has been going on?

Well had one more day out winter climbing with Ali where we did The Gutter, The Cascade and Expert's Choice. It was a great day to have as the last one of the session.

After this was a bit of uni to get back into. Then a exped in the River Spey for uni like. Had a mix of weather of sunshine to hail in the face. We even mannered to cut a day off as we where move fast on the water. Had the some solo time in the canoe.

Up next was a day down climbing in Glen Nevis. This was to get a climbing put to bed I had feline off back in September. This was the first time back up the climb. Warmed up on some other climbs first  then head to Hodad to get it sent. Its the first time that had to get my my head in the right place in a long time. Think I am going to have to put sometime into getting my trab head back. I did not think climbing would as hard to get back in but hay the mind is a odd thing.

On to the next advent of walking North end of Pennine Way with my brother. This was one of the best time I have day with my brother. Just me and him for 7 day. Well that was the plan ended up being 5 as him knees and shoes gave up before we wanted it to. Well have to do the hold Way at some point and think long walking could be cool thing to get into.

Then one more bit of madness as the Lass day on the UHI pabbe club meet on the Garry. This was the first time I had been out in my play boat. It was great fun and need make more use of it.

Now its time to get uni work finished and a lot of ML day to get ingot he bag too!! Then it will be freedom for the summer. Well time to start working for the summer. 

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