26 May 2015

ML Assessment

Just had my ML Assessment last week. I sadly did not a pass but a deferral to get the logbook up to the level needed. Mike and kenni gave some great feedback all week. Not only assessing us but still giving bit of advice too. 

We had a mix bag of weather for the assessment form sunshine and cloud for the steep ground and... Then on owe 3 days exped mix of sun to start to full on rain and navigation inside a cloud. Safe to say that I not think there as a person waterproof that gave in it was that wet. Will not to head back to the hill to the east of Inverailort and special to the ridge of Druim Fiaclach.

Now need to find time to 10 more day in them that will be me holding my ML. 

Views on day one of the exped
Things got very wet on day 2!

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