13 Jun 2015

Cullin Ridge in a day!

Had a great week. Started off with a day assent of the Cullin Ridge with Nathan. How knows the way amazingly well so not much need for navigation even when the cloud come in. We did pretty much the hole ridge but for Gars Bheinn. To save a bit of time we missed it out but as we both where kaker by the end was a good plan. Tho it does mean will have to go back for the full thing. We did it in 12 hour 10 mins from van to pub. Not to bad for a first go.
Along way to go

Happy lad

Monday ended up climbing with Adam at Creag Dubh. This being the first time for me there. Got to get routes done King Bee and Erase. Dafo got the climbing psych back and feeling good on what might get done this summer.
Heading up the Bee
Bit of a wet second pitch on Erase


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