13 Jun 2015

Summer Climbing in the Cairngorms

Head out with Callum to the Cairngorms for my first time summer climbing. We where having a bit of a late student style start of the day meeting at 11 but as it was so hot to walk in without a top Hay hoo. We went to Coire an t'Sneachda to Aladdin's Buttress. There as still a bit of snow about but all the climbing where dry and looking amazing! First up was the Three Star The Magic Crack. It really is a good as crack climbing can be. The third pitch is just great and wish it keep on going for a fuel 60m.
Blue Sky
Tops off walk in!!
Phone pic top

The first crack

The amazing third pitch!
Next up was Edgewood witch is great too! Nothing to hard moves ways but gear when you wanted it and just enff of a run out to keep it fun. It was Callum's first E1 and it was a multi pitch one too. He was chill as and will be sending more of the grand soon I think.

So E1 hay?
Callum on the first 5a pitch
Taking us to the top

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